Ride in Divide

Janine Hegeman

We had three out-and-back options on county roads for this ride, and most of us did all three. The pace set by the leader, David Kriegshauser, was “up-tempo” to say the least! (After the ride we learned that David is a spin class instructor in Woodland Park – not a surprise!) We “lowlanders” had trouble processing the scant oxygen out of the atmosphere. But the lead group waited for others to catch up and we all settled into a good rhythm. Cycling through the heights of Teller County just couldn’t be rushed.

The scenery was different from anywhere I’d been this year. Stark white aspen groves stripped of leaves, with their black “eyes” mulling you over as you cranked up a hill; the “other” Pikes Peak, massive and almost unrecognizable when viewed from the north; quiescent mountain valleys ready to be tucked in under the coming snows for a long winters’ sleep.

After the ride we met at the local coffee shop/café, Russ’s Place, and savored hamburgers, chili cheese fries and other post-ride delicacies and beverages. There were 10 CSCC members and 6 Mountain Top members on the ride, and we all enjoyed discussing “bike stuff” together.

MTCC is a young club, 2 years old, with about 30 members. Just like CSCC, they are non-profit and see most of their revenues from an organized ride, the Experience Ride. This ride is held around Father’s Day. They are looking to boost ridership in 2013, and it is definitely a ride we will be talking about next spring; look for it on the ride calendar. Their membership fees are similar to the Colorado Springs Cycling Club’s structure (cheap!) and they have a very cool jersey. If you want to ride in the mountains with a great group, this is a way to do it. Check out their website: http://www.mountaintopcyclingclub.com  

Many thanks to Kerry Hefta, Ride Planning Chair, CSCC and Deb Maresca of the Mountain Top Cycling Club, for organizing this ride.
BFC Winter 2012 - Vol 5, Issue 5, 1 December 2012

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