President's Message

Charlie Czar

This has been a busy year for Club rides.  The Club had 4 teams this summer that road in the League of American Bicyclists National Challenge.  We led a lot of Club rides and supported/attended a lot of local rides in Colorado Springs.  We had a few members take some nasty falls on rides, all have recovered.  We’ve had a recurring problem of taking more than our share of the road on a few of our rides.  We need to listen to ride leaders and sweeps when they call “Car Back”  or “Passing”.  That means we have vehicles behind us that are supposed to be able to pass us while we ride not more than 2-abreast.  We’ll keep working on “getting the word (and warnings) out”.  All our riders need to work on listening (while they ride and visit) and getting single file so we really do “share the road”.

Charlie Czar  :-)
BFC Winter 2012 - Vol 5, Issue 5, 1 December 2012

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