CSCC – 30 Years and Still Riding!

Dale Campbell: Co-Editor

Editors Note:  Bob Smith presented this review at the Christmas Party in December 2011. 

“I’d like to thank our current officers and board for permitting us to travel back to the early years and pay tribute to some of our early leaders.  We owe are success and longevity as club to these and many of you current members who have served the club as officers, board members, ride leaders, volunteers and member participants.
Our first ride was held in October 1986.  We incorporated in early 1987 and elected our first officers.  Jim Cerrato was elected our first president.  Later that year I assumed the role as president and served through 1997.  I could not have taken this on for as long as I did without the help and support from my loving wife Anne.
This evening we will look back to our modest beginnings in 1986.  By rediscovering our past we may discover away to navigate the next 25 years.  It was Chris Conboy’s idea that we should reach out to past leaders and honor them at this evening’s celebration.
I’d like to quote an email I recently received from Bonnie Johnson (Owner of the Colorado Springs Bike Shop).  “My parents would both be so proud that one of their dreams is still strong, alive and thriving.  The club was always something they wanted to be successful”. Ed and Carol Spielman provided the seed money to launch the club in 1986.
1987 was our first full year of our existence and a year full of firsts.  Many of our firsts are now annual traditions
  •  Frozen Waterbottle Ride
  •  St Patrick’s Day Ride
  •  Easter Ride
  •  Monday Dinner Rides
  •  Summer Picnic
  •  Halloween Progressive Dinner Ride
  •  Tour de Turkey
  •  Holiday Party
In 1988 the Tour of the Arkansas River Valley (TOARV) was born as a two day ride from Florence to Buena Vista and back.  TOARV evolved over the next 10 years with changes in start locations and route.  In 1999 TOARV the Buena Vista Bike Fest (BVBF) became a two day fixed based event in Buena Vista which included mountain biking.  BVBF is a single day event with routes of 35, 50, 62 and 100 miles and the dominate source of revenue for the club.
In 1993 we resurrected a Colorado Fall Classic Century called the Tour de Hardscrabble from the defunct Strada Bicycling Club.  The Tour de Hardscrabble was abandoned in 1999 to put all our efforts towards the new BVBF.  Big events take a lot of resources and club members rarely got to participate in our events.  This led too many out of town rides, overnight, weekend and multi-day rides.  Many of these rides were organized by club members.  Here are some examples:
  •  Northern New Mexico Memorial Weekend Tour
  •  Raton Weekend
  •  Lead Triangle (using the same route known as the Copper Triangle today)
  •  Combres & Toltec Train & Bike
  •  Monument Lake
  •  Thanksgiving in Moab (fun!)
  •  VRAOT (for those who might now have figured this out – That’s “TOARV” backwards – exactly what the ride was
  •  Pedal the Peaks
  •  Mosquito Pass
  •  Breckenridge weekend
  •  Independence Pass
  •  RAPP – Ride Around Pikes Peak
  •  Great Pueblo Ride
  •  Black Canyon Tour
  •  Back Country Ski Trips
  •  Victor/Gold Camp Overnight
  •  Winter Solstice Ride
  •  And many others”
Bent Fork 2016-2 - April/May 2016

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