Colorado Pedals Project – An Update

Bicycle Colorado

We have worked hard with various state agencies in 2015 to lay the groundwork for many exciting developments across the state. Here are the highlights of 2016 Pedals Project plans:
Colorado Department of Transportation
  • Pilot a program to replace Share the Road signs with 3 Feet to Pass signs, which have been shown to be more effective in increasing safety on our roads
  • Internally promote bicycle-friendly intersections through trainings for CDOT engineers
  • Increase the number of bike lanes on state highways; track and report on current mileage
  • Create a public safety campaign to increase awareness of bicyclists and pedestrians
  • Track and report on compliance with complete streets policy
Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade,
 Colorado Department of Transportation and
 Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment
  • Quantify the impact of biking and walking in Colorado though an economic and health impact study
Colorado Tourism Office
  • Develop a tourism campaign to promote Colorado cycling opportunities
Department of Natural Resources
  • Identify and promote key missing trail connections between communities
Bicycle Colorado and the Pedals Project team
  • Work with state agencies to help guide the projects above
  • Work with local communities to connect them to Pedals Project opportunities
  • Coordinate a state-level, cross-departmental task force to move state bicycle priorities forward
  • Raise the remaining private funds needed to build more capacity at Bicycle Colorado
  • Pilot a program in Medicaid-dense communities to promote active transportation
Bent Fork 2016-1 - Volume 9 Issue 1

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