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Sharon Boyd & Dale Campbell: Co- Editors

And, when you do get those Bonus Days and are able to get out and ride, please do so safely.  In fact, let’s all make the conscious effort to make safety a priority for all aspects of the rides – before while planning a ride, during while enjoying the ride, and after, when remembering the ride and thinking about the next time you’ll be enjoying the activity that brings us all together as a Cycling Club.
By the way, one of our goals for 2016 is to get more folks in the Club to also submit articles, cycling photographs, technology updates, travel blog links and ideas for future items to be included in the Bent Fork.  As we may have mentioned previously, we’ll take anything from a bullet pointed summary with a couple of photos to a full blown detailed write-up of your travel adventures.  There’s even a Travel Article Template  posted on the Clubs’ website that can help you get started!  Either way, we can always take the information and edit/repackage it for publication into the Club’s long running newsletter.
 By the way, take a look at the newsletter archive on the website and you’ll see February 1987 as the earliest edition of the newsletter.  So, this edition starts the 29th year of providing biking news and information for the Colorado Springs Cycling Club.  We’re looking forward to providing many more for your reading pleasure.  Enjoy!
Bent Fork 2016-1 - Volume 9 Issue 1

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