National Bike Challenge 1 May to 31 August 2012

Charlie Czarniecki

The CSCC teams include: 1) Aaron's Colorado Springs Cycling Club (Ranked #1 in state for June and July, #2 in August, and #3 in state for the entire Challenge),  2) Hope & Sean Mullally's Colorado Springs CSCC-2 (Ranked #6 in June, #9 in July, #5 in August, and #10 for the entire Challenge), 3) BJ & JoLynn Ondo's Team Screaming Turtles/CSCC-3 (Ranked #19 in June, #7 in July, #6 in August, and #12 for the entire Challenge), and 4) Joe Schultes' (Pikes Peak Over The Hill Gang) PPOTHG-CSCC-4 (Ranked #109 in Jun, #42 in July, #8 in August, and #37 for the entire Challenge).   I don't think any other club had 4 teams.  No club put 4 teams in the top 10 (August) except us.  And for the entire challenge we had 3 teams in the top 12!!  That was a lot of miles!!  WE DONE GOOD!!  Bicycle Colorado reported that Colorado finished as the 5th highest point total in the Challenge.  There were almost 1800 riders and we covered nearly 700,000 miles.

#3  Colorado Springs Cycling Club
Aaron Rosenthal
Daniel Sadowski
Charlie "Czar" Czarniecki
Janet Oliver
Gary McKee
Patrick D. Allgood
Randy Susman
Gary Brewington
Allen Beauchamp
Kerry Hefta

#10 Colorado Springs CSCC-2
Hope Mullally
Sean Mullally
Sid Rubinow
Jean Zeh
Daniel Prutz
Jimmy Clere
Shelly Mann
Vern Pitcher
Sharon Boyd
Dale Campbell

#12 Team Screaming Turtles – CSCC-3
Billy Joe (BJ) Ondo Jr
Janine Hegeman
Jacalyn S Grabbert
JoLynn Ondo
Stan Hill
Larry Wilson
Julie Gregory
Carolyn Myers
D Woods
Hayden Gregory

#37  PPOTHG – CSCC-4
Joe Schultes
Bryan Miller
Alan Severn
Bob Smith
Anne Smith
Ron Hargrave
Ted McWhorter
John Pamperin
Vicki Lieber
Stanley Lebahn
BFC Fall 2012 - Vol 5 Issue 4, 1 October 2012

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