Pikes Peak Ascent Attempt

Bob Smith

We started from Cascade just west of the beginning of Pikes Peak Highway. From this point the summit was 19 miles and 6700 feet in elevation away. We got under way around 9:45 a.m.  We reached Glen Cove around 12:30 which is about 11,500 feet and nearly 14 miles up the mountain. I stopped to rest a bit because I was holding Vic back. He pushed on towards tree line and switchbacks above Glen Cove. After about 20 minutes and a cup of coffee and some food I pushed on towards the switchbacks, and about a mile up the road Vic was descending towards me. I turned around and we met up at Glen Cove. Vic had turned around about 3.5 miles from the summit because the road was completely fogged in by a large cloud.

Neither of us made the summit but it was glorious day for a ride on the Pikes Peak Highway. It was a warm sunny ride most of the way to Glen Cove with some beautiful fall colors. The sunlight was much better on the descent for fall colors once we left the clouds. It was a cold descent and we were thankful that we had brought along all our winter cycling gear.

We hope that other club members have attempted Pikes Peak during the trial period and we would like to hear your stories. If you have done the ride, please make sure you complete the survey at http://www.springsgov.com/SectionIndex.aspx?SectionID=18 . Hopefully, the results of the survey are positive and the City will decide to open the highway for bicycling on a more permanent or more regular basis during the summer months.

If there is another opportunity to ride up the Pikes Peak Highway, Vic and I will certainly make another attempt. For me I’ll make sure I focus on hill training, and plan to ride the highway earlier than the end of September.
BFC Fall 2012 - Vol 5 Issue 4, 1 October 2012

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