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Sara Hill

Lisa Hickey & Family, Brian & Dawn Plumer, Ed & Suze Browne, Kathy Giesecke, Duane Babcock, Ernest 'Skip' Doane, Trish & Greg Aten, Robert Kerr, Graeme Cloutte, Tim Lopez, Randy Gearhart & Family, Roger Neeland, Melissa Thomas, Jeffrey Smith & Family, Kevin & Kelly Sears, Larry Svoboda, Mark Rowe, Paul Larson, John VanNorman, Paula Makara, Denise & Paul Eckstein, Deegan Lew, Terrence Smith & Family, Laurie Baker, Bev Fallis, Anne & Ted Junge, Stan & Anne Lebahn, P.K. Robinson, Patrick Spencer, Gary McKee & Family, Casey Curran, Chris Lieber & Family, Craig Thornally, Cathy Ritzert, Bill & Cynthia Doty, Carol Keenan, Peter Marsalis & Family, and Stanley Byler

(1) Family memberships are eligible for two adult online logins. With each login, members can comment on the message boards or respond to surveys independently. If you wish to have a second adult login, please contact Membership at Provide the following information: Name on membership account, secondary member's name and email along with a preferred username. If you have a preference for billing identity, indicate this as well.

(2) Has your personal information changed? Don't forget you can update your mailing address, phone numbers and email at anytime by logging into the membership area and clicking the "Change Contact/Profile Information" link under Member Information. You can even change your username.

(3) You can check your membership payment status online - and pay online as well.

If you have other questions regarding membership, please contact Sara Hill, Membership Coordinator at "

Sara Hill, CSCC Treasurer and Membership Coordinator
BFC Fall 2012 - Vol 5 Issue 4, 1 October 2012

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