President's Message

Charlie Czarniecki

In August, Barb and I spent 9 days in CA for a quick vacation. We saw the same trends there. As we drove home and approached Rawlings, Wyoming, I even saw a road sign that said those miles were cleaned by the Rawlings Bike Club. Now there is an idea!

Ron Hargrave took a hard fall last Sunday near the World Arena when he was clipped by a motorcycle. Ron is in the healing process; his bike seems to have taken more of a beating. Ron says that he’s had worse “road rash” from the velodrome.

Dave VanDerWege's Mother (Viola G. VanDerWege) passed away this past week and her Service was held on Thursday.

The daylight hours are getting shorter, and it is getting colder--dress in layers to stay healthy. We’ve got a number of theme rides that will be happening in the next 3 months. I hope to see a lot of you riding them.
BFC Fall 2012 - Vol 5 Issue 4, 1 October 2012

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