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Sharon Boyd & Dale Campbell: Editors

Considering the current seasonal change, in this late fall/early winter edition we’ve included articles about: safety and bike education, travelogues, reviews of fall rides, thanks to volunteers and ride leaders, and information about upcoming events.  As you can quickly discern, the Club represents many aspects of bicycling and community involvement.  Take time to read these articles, learn more about Club members and what the Club supports.  And, perhaps, these will inspire you to expand your cycling horizons and your involvement with the Club. 
And, don’t forget that in December we will learn the outcome of CSCC’s Officer Elections! Thank you to our Officer Nominating Committee: Al Brody, Chris Davenport and Sid Rubinow. Good-bye and thank you to Charlie Czarniecki, President and Sharon Boyd, Secretary for their years of service. Thank you to Janine Hegeman and Sara Hill for returning to the CSCC Board of Directors.
In closing, we want to wish everyone a joyous Holiday Season and a Happy New Year!  We thank you for all of your contributions (articles, pictures, announcements) for 2015!  And hope you will continue contributing as we move into another year of cycling.  Perhapsjust perhaps a few more of our readers will be incented to contribute thoughts, ideas and/or articles.  Could that be added to your New Year’s Resolution list?  We hope so!
Bent Fork - Volume 8 Issue 6

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