BVBF Committee Openings

Aaron Rosenthal

Most of the people on the BVBF committee have been involved for a number of years.  Change is inevitable, and toward that end several committee members including Vic and Diane Villhard, and Allen Beauchamp have decided to step down.  In addition, Bob and Anne Smith are looking to reduce their involvement by letting go of some of the tasks for which they have been responsible.

Over the course of years, our committee has expanded in numbers and this means that the workload of required tasks is spread out.  This helps everyone as the tasks they are responsible for are “doable”, and not overwhelming.  In addition, our committee has functioned well because of the following characteristics:

• Everyone follows through with the tasks they commit to
• We respect and value each other’s opinions. 
• We listen to each other knowing we are not always going to agree
•  We focus on the larger good of BVBF and what it does for the club
• We commit to supporting the outcome, even if we didn’t agree with it in the first place

This is a time of change for the BVBF committee.  We view this as a good thing.  The committee needs new blood, new ideas, and different perspectives.  These are the things that help BVBF improve every year.  We are looking for a few club members who want to be involved and committed for all (or at least most!) of the reasons stated above.  In addition candidates:

a. Need to be able to commit to a minimum of 2 years as a committee member
b. Are expected to attend regular monthly meetings
c. Need to take over tasks and responsibilities from retiring committee members
d. Must consistently follow through with assigned tasks and have good organization skills

Being on this committee requires a strong commitment.  However, every committee member will tell you that seeing BVBF from the inside and successfully orchestrating one of the best cycling events in Colorado is a high unto itself. 

If you are interested, please contact Aaron Rosenthal at  or call 719-594-5655

The Bent Fork Chronicles - Vol 5, Issue 3, 1 August 2012

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