National Bicycle Challenge

Charlie Czarniecki

The CSCC teams include: 1) Aaron's Colorado Springs Cycling Club, 2) Hope & Sean Mullally's Colorado Springs CSCC-2, 3) BJ & JoLynn Ondo's Team Screaming Turtles/CSCC-3, and now 4) Joe's PPOTHG-CSCC-4. The Challenge is a self-reporting activity that runs from May 1st through August 31st. Everyone is encouraged to join and contribute miles toward the national goal. The direct link is

#3  Colorado Springs Cycling Club
Aaron Rosenthal
Daniel Sadowski
Charlie "Czar" Czarniecki
Janet Oliver
Gary McKee
Patrick D. Allgood
Randy Susman
Gary Brewington
Allen Beauchamp
Kerry Hefta

#12 Colorado Springs CSCC-2
Hope Mullally
Sean Mullally
Sid Rubinow
Jean Zeh
Daniel Prutz
Jimmy Clere
Shelly Mann
Vern Pitcher
Sharon Boyd
Dale Campbell

#16 Team Screaming Turtles – CSCC-3
Billy Joe (BJ) Ondo Jr
Janine Hegeman
Jacalyn S Grabbert
JoLynn Ondo
Stan Hill
Larry Wilson
Julie Gregory
Carolyn Myers
D Woods
Hayden Gregory

The Bent Fork Chronicles - Vol 5, Issue 3, 1 August 2012

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