Cycling Completion in the US of A – What’s That All About?

Dale Campbell: Co-Editor

Cyclists make their way up the cobblestones on Libby Hill during the UCI Road Cycling World Championships.  Photo:  Andrew P. Scott/Reuters

During the Road Race completed on Sunday, 27 September, Mr. Gay was fortunate to position himself on Libby Hill in Richmond, Virginia.  For those not familiar with Richmond, Libby Hill down towards the James River is said to be "The View That Named Richmond." William Byrd II is said to have thought that this view resembled the view of Richmond upon Thames in England (thanks Wikipedia,_Richmond).  My Gay cheerfully noted that “Libby Hill was the spot to be. I confess to a rush of goosebumps upon arriving there, a feeling I imagine is not unlike arriving at a Star Wars convention in a handmade Ewok costume. Finally! Here are my people! There were thousands upon thousands of cycling obsessives—and plenty of first-timers—perched like meerkats atop the steep grass, waiting to watch the world’s best riders hit the stones and turn themselves inside out.”  I’m sure some of us have had that same rush of recognition while being involved in a cycling event somewhere or other.
However, I think the journalist’s closing thoughts really provided an excellent summary of the impact the 2015 UCI Road Cycling World Championships had on folks.  Here’s the insight he provided:
“In the end, Richmond got itself a pair of deserving name-rec winners in the champion’s rainbow jersey: ….  And the rest of us? On another big American weekend of football, a few hundred thousand people down in Virginia took a U-turn and experienced something else: bike racing. Yes: bike racing! It’s not just for snickering and scandals. If you missed this scene, I’m not saying you missed something life-altering. But if you saw it, I bet you’ll be back for more.”
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