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Sharon Boyd & Dale Campbell: Editors

Thank you to Janine Hegeman for leading the CSCC Sunday Social Rides in September. Kerry Hefta will be leading the CSCC Sunday Social Rides in October.
Watch for a date for the third offering of Bicycling Skills 123+ program, a League of American Bicyclist (LAB) safe riding course.  CSCC is a LAB member and has LAB certified instructors. The workshop will cover basic riding skills: mounting and dismounting smoothly starting and stopping, shifting and riding in a straight line, scanning and signaling appropriately.  Hazard avoidance skills will be taught to include, quick stop, rock dodge, avoidance weave, instant turn.  The workshop will conclude with instruction and practice in riding on the road and operating as a vehicle under Colorado Transportation Law.
Upcoming bicycle rides and club events:
  • 2 OCT Fall Colors Ride down the Gold Camp Road
  • 3 OCT Oktoberfest Ride from Castle Rock
  • 25 OCT Progressive Dinner Ride
  • 22 NOV Tour d’ Turkey Ride
  • 5 DEC Festival of Lights Parade
  • 12 DEC Holiday Party
  • 1 JAN 2016 Frozen Water Bottle Ride
We hope you enjoy this edition of the Bent Fork. And we wish to note a milestone with this edition.  This is our 5th year as editors of the Bent Fork!  Time flies when we're editing cycling fun!!!  As always, your comments and article ideas/contributions are welcomed!
Bent Fork - Volume 8 Issue 5 - Volume 8 Issue 5

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