2nd Annual CSCC Mystery Ride

Lee Murphy

Lee has lined up a series of knowledge speakers who will, in brief stops (5-25 minutes), explain what the attraction has to offer, a local history about the site, what historical event occurred here and when, etc.  Think of each stop as a preview where you can decide if you would like to return at a later date for a more in-depth visit.  The event will begin in the morning, the start time TBA (soon) and you can expect the tour to take approximately 4 hours.  Queue sheets will be provided at the start of the event and riders will be expected to be self sufficient in terms of fixing their own flats, etc.  Riders should be able to maintain a pace of 8-9 mph on level ground. 

Please arrive at America the Beautiful Park entrance 15 minutes prior to the start time to get signed in and hear a pre-ride briefing.  The ride starts and ends at the same location.  Parking is free.  Please remember, that punctuality is important as each speaker has an assigned time to begin his/her presentation and sticking to a schedule is critical for the event to succeed.  We simply do not have the luxury of having 40 riders stop and wait for one individual to fix his/her flat.  The show must go on.  If you are delayed, it is possible to omit one presentation and skip to the next stop on the cue sheet.  The cue sheet will list not only directions, but the start and stop time of each presenter.  This year the distance will be shorter and the presenters will have a little more time to cover their topic and answer questions.  The stop locations are totally different from 2011.  This will be a fun ride - not to be missed!

Stay tuned for additional details on the Club Web site and ride/event calendar.

The Bent Fork Chronicles - Vol 5 Issue 3, 1 June 2012

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