Editors’ Comments

Sharon Boyd & Dale Campbell: Editors

By the way, the llama pictured with this article is Charlie Boy.  With Charlie Boy were three other llamas – Cimarron, 50 Cent (aka 5309) and Sir Francis Drake (aka “SFD”).  If you’re interested, we can provide details about the llamas, what it takes to saddle them and get them to carry the loads up and down the mountain.
So, for this edition of the Bent Fork, we have an interesting mix of contributions.   Our feature articles for this fourth publication of the year are the travel logs for Italy and Spain.  Additionally, there are calls for and thank-you’s to volunteers, as well as three exciting cycling videos, an update about trail accessibility, information about several upcoming events and a heads-up about election of the Club officers in November.
We thank the folks who provide input for the Bent Fork.  With your help, we’re able to make this bi-monthly publication interesting, information and hopefully fun to read.  If you have any comments or suggestions for improvement, please let us know!
Bent Fork - Volume 8, Issue 4 - Volume 8 Issue 4

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