Buena Vista Bike Fest 2012

Aaron Rosenthal

For those of you who have committed to volunteer, the volunteer meeting and party is tentatively scheduled for 17 APRILat 6:00pm; location to be determined.

Cece is pulling together "Theme Team" and you can look for upcoming volunteer dates and times on the CSCC website. This is another way to let your creative energies fly and support your club... even if you can't make it out to Buena Vista. John and Torie have been working on donations for give-aways and recruiting for the post ride expo. Rich has the moving vans reserved, the band booked, and has ordered cool BVBF business cards amongst many other things. Allen, as is no surprise, has followed through with his countless contacts making sure that everything is in place from south to north. This includes the Colorado State Patrol which will be present for the second straight year to promote safety. Bob and Anne, despite their distance, continue to follow through on their lengthy to-do lists. From maintaining the BVBF website and registration database to filing for all the needed permits and beyond, all is in order from their end. Bob reports that as of 30 MAR we have 470 riders.

With all the things that everyone else is taking care of, there isn't that much for this writer (Aaron) to do. Despite that, I still manage to meet with my Bristol Brewery contacts over a cold one to ensure their wonderful sponsorship is still in place. It's a brutal job but.... For those of you who have not heard, Josh Osterhoudt, the manager at Bristol and the catalyst for sponsoring BVBF, died of cancer in February. His loss as a friend to many on the committee and supporter of BVBF is keenly felt. On the plus side, Bristol Brewing is as supportive as ever and my new Bristol contacts Matt and Tom have jumped in to fill this huge void.

Finally, please continue to encourage others to register and ride BVBF. Our registration numbers aren't currently where we want and need them to be. Other than volunteering or riding, this is the number one way you can support your club at this time. On behalf of the BVBF committee, a huge thanks to everyone who has and will help in any way. We know we have the best volunteers based on the feedback we always get from the riders who feel so wonderfully supported.

Wishing everyone a wonderful and safe spring with lots of riding under blue calm skies.

The Bent Fork Chronicles - Vol 5 Issue 2, 1 April 2012

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