St. Patrick's Day Ride & Parade

Dennis Struck

Second, the Colorado Springs Cycling Club held its annual organized parade ride where riders pedal their bicycle (at 1 MPH) as a parade entry. Third, Chick-fil-A (in my head I say Chic-A-Fill) had a ride entry with their famous Cow and employee family members all on bikes. The Cow was, of course, Allen Beauchamp (former CSCC president and avid cyclist) in the role of a non-speaking cuddly Cow and pulling a three trailer caravan behind a reverse trike – that train and sound system is a marvel in itself. Fourth, the Elliptical Cyclists showed up with about ten bikes, half of which did the pre-parade ride, and they were quite the crowd pleasing attraction. Fourth, about ten physically challenged cyclists attended, showing off their really cool adaptive riding rigs. The engineering in those bikes always amazes me, but then I remember that the first successful airplane design came from a pair of bicycle mechanics – I should not be impressed, but I am. Fifth, said modestly, my wife and I were on a fully loaded touring tandem; it always sparks crowd interest and we usually try to modestly advance cycle touring.

Lastly, the weather was warm, the best indicator of which is people in shorts. The parade was so crowded and so well attended that there was not enough room on the sidewalks for all of those in attendance; in many places parade watchers had to occupy the streets all the way up to the double yellow line on one side of the 4-lane avenue; that was awesome cool from a parader's point of view. Kids were yelling Happy St Patrick's Day at us (and to everyone) as we biked. Many kids wanted to low-5 the riders – a perfect activity for a stoker on a tandem and a few of our bikers Fived them back. There was noisy enthusiasm, almost all of the parade watchers were talking or clapping or yelling in appreciation. The entire day was quite the riding reward for the ride free winter months and riding in the Parade was the perfect ending for the 50K bicycle ride.

The Bent Fork Chronicles - Vol 5 Issue 2, 1 April 2012

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