Web Site Update

Bob Smith

We are working with our web hosting service to allow for dynamic updating of photos in the slideshow. We have added a new photo album to the member area for web site photo submissions. We asked that you size photos to 360x240 so they fit the slideshow frame. Photo submissions need to be of CSCC Rides and Events. Once we have dynamic access to the slideshow, we will begin posting submitted photos to the slideshow and removing older photos. In order to submit a photo to the web site click on “Summit Photo” and Select “Web Site Slideshow Submissions” from the Volume drop down menu. Please make sure the photo is 360x240 and that you title the photo and provide a brief description of the subject of the photo in the caption. Please make sure you submit the photo to proper volume.

The web site’s “Members Area” now has a Multipost feature which lets you post the same message to the social networks of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. In order to use this feature you will need to update you member profile to include your social network information.

Many of the changes to the web site are transparent and will be most noticeable to mobile users. The pages have been modified so they render better on mobile devices. If you have an Android, iPhone and Blackberry we now have CSCC Apps for those phones. The Android App and iPhone App are available for download at Android Market the Apple App Store. The CSCC App is titled “Colorado Springs Cycling CSCC”. On Android Market an APP search on “CSCC” takes you directly to the App. The iPhone App works on all other iOS devices including iPAD and iPOD Touch. We are still awaiting approval and posting of the Blackberry App to App World.

The CSCC App gets you access too many of the public features of the site including the calendar and web page. CSCC Members have access too many of the same features you have as member from an internet browser. Ride leaders who use the message boards will be able to make last minute posts to Ride Message Boards from a smartphone or iOS device.

A couple of months ago we updated the ride map library under the Rides dropdown menu. This is a work in progress and the ride committee is working to populate the library. We hope the ride library will encourage more riders to become ride leaders.

December 2011 Issue - Vol 5 Issue 1, 1 February 2012

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