Carmichael's Endurance Sports Club

Rob Klausch

If you have an “old school” skewer on your rear wheel it will fit better for mounting to the trainers (Carmichael’s have some that we can borrow if you need one). The Compu-trainers will apply load to the rider’s bike depending on body weight, grade, wind-age and drafting (the computer knows your position and the resistance will be lower if you are drafting a friend). You will be able to see your position and distance from the other racers on the main overhead screens, all at arm’s length and boasting distances. You will also be able to see your wattage outputs under all these circumstances. We will be able to pick out maybe 2 different courses to race on (i.e. a TT or maybe a Crit). The racing will run from 6pm until 7pm and Rob guarantees that you can get a great workout by the end.

This is more of a fun fitness ride and not an all out race against people like our World Champion Rob Klausch. Given the Carmichael capability and the ride monitoring aspects of this event there will be a CSCC Ride Sheet and the miles ridden here will be added to your Club miles total. We will have some refreshments for our bike club riders and any bike club members who come out to watch and cheer them on.
We need to get info to Carmichael and plan for food so please email Rob Klausch  if you would be interested in participating. This will be a lot of FUN.

December 2011 Issue - Vol 5 Issue 1, 1 February 2012

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