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Sharon Boyd & Dale Campbell

We will be meeting in the Clarion Hotel's 2nd floor conference room (I-25 & Bijou). Snacks start at 6:30p and meeting at 7.  There will be a panel of club members discuss participating in RAGBRAI.

Our JAN 2012 Bike Club meeting speaker was David Pio, Editor of “Peak Region Cyclist”. He distributed copies to meeting attendees. Monthly copies may be picked up at Chipotle, area bicycle shops. Or log onto the website  and subscribe.

The CSCC 25th Anniversary Holiday Party at the Air Force Academy was the biggest party with 130 attendees that included many former members and special guests. The party’s social hour started at 5pm; however 30 plus potential attendees were stranded at the AFA gate/entrance. It seems the special access list was nowhere to be seen. Thank you for Mark Mann and Charlie Czar for sponsoring this waiting group. The dinner was delayed, but still delicious. Everyone enjoyed Bob Smith’s CSCC’s historical walk through time. Chris Conboy was presented the “traveling trophy” for Volunteer of the year.

Michael & Teri Holt Nutting wrote: Hello Fitness Riders! The Saturday Christmas Eve Holiday Fitness Ride on 24 DEC had 4 riders; we rode 28 miles with surprisingly good conditions. There were no incidents and Teri wore her antlers. Ginny wore a great Christmas-themed sweater and I was decorated in a string of flashing lights. I also adorned Teri and my bikes with some decorations. The weather was great and it turned out to be a fun ride.

This year's CSCC Frozen Water Bottle Ride had 43 people participate. A great time was had by all!

Kevan Worley is past president of CO NFB and is the editor of BLIND CO NEWSLETTER. He has his own business (Worley Enterprises), and is VERY active in political issues for the Disabled/Blind. Kevan is blind.
As a result, Kevan is in need of a tandem pilot---he wants to start bicycle riding and is looking for a way to get introduced to the sport. He doesn't have a tandem, but could borrow one of VIBeS tandem bicycles. If you are interested/available to help him, contact Kevan in Colorado Springs at 527-0488 or email  We understand that Kevan's schedule would be flexible. 

December 2011 Issue - Vol 5 Issue 1, 1 February 2012

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