Spokes Fighting Strokes

Allen Beauchamp – CSCC Community Outreach

After suffering as stroke in 2005 at age 41, Dan wanted more mobility than his wheelchair afforded.  His first tricycles were too heavy but offered him the "freedom, plain and simple," that he craves.  He bought a lightweight recumbent trike in 2009 and began riding with the "Bent Riders of Arizona" on weekly rides and weekend tours. Dan logs 500 to 700 miles a month, and in 2012 rode more than 350 miles from Phoenix to San Diego in eight days.
Cycling, Dan says, has improved his health and more importantly, given him a purpose in life. He wants to raise awareness of HHT (Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia), the disease that killed his brother and mother, and is present in Dan and his younger son.  He also wants to raise awareness of stroke prevention and inspire other stroke survivors to fight back against the disease.
Here is his schedule for activities in the Colorado Springs area as part of the overall ride this year:

The full schedule can be found at http://spokesfightingstrokes.org/schedule.html
I've zapped him a note and should have some more information prior to the event. From what it sounds like, each day he and his wife will be riding each trail section as an out and back. They are encouraging people to come ride with them and will get folks connected to the power of cycling, the trikes and are willing to show folks how to set up for the rides.
I will plan on riding with the group at least a few of the legs. If anyone else is interested in joining along and possibly riding a recumbent trike, please contact me directly and I'll see what I can do.  The photo ops would be great with a whole gang of trikes enjoying one of our beautiful trails!
Bent Fork - Volume 8, Issue 3 - June 2015

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