Africa Bike Tour by Bicycle, Van and Bus; 8-29 November, 2014

Dennis Struck - Bicycle Touring Enthusiast

This is of us arriving at a Game Reserve in South Africa. 

We had three scheduled riding days where we decided not to ride due to rain and one side visit ride was not ridden due to safety and frustration (in Maputo, capitol of Mozambique), we did ride in our support vehicle instead on those days.  We went to 4 different Wild Game Parks and only one Park allowed bikes to be ridden (and it rained that day, so no ride), ergo we rode in the support van for drives around those Parks.  We learned to say hello and goodbye in Zulu and we were well accepted everywhere.  Drivers were generous around us.  We were surprised by the cleanliness and pride of being in most places in southern Africa.  Our visit to Mozambique was a tiny bit of a letdown but on the other hand our visit to Swaziland was a surprising bonus.  We really enjoyed Swaziland.  The warthog campfire picture is from Swaziland.
You can see more about the whole trip at
Bent Fork - Volume 8, Issue 3 - June 2015

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