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Dale Campbell: Co-Editor

Summarizing, California is the state where people spend the most time exercising, at a total of 84.7 minutes per week per user (that’s correct – per week).  Colorado ranks number 2 overall, with 84.2 minutes, followed by Washington State at 82 minutes.  For each of the categories, the top ranking states are as follows:
  • Walking – California
  • Running – Massachusetts (does being the home state of the Boston Marathon have anything to do with this?)
  • Other– Utah (Could this have something to do with the number of skiing opportunities in this state?)
  • And finally Cycling – Colorado.
MapMyFitness determined that Coloradoans spend 16.4 minutes a week cycling (which seems low for anyone that is currently participating in the National Bike Challenge).   Another factor is that for cycling, four of the top five states for cycling are essentially cold weather states – Colorado, Utah, Minnesota and Idaho (Arizona ranked fourth).  While it seems that weather would be a large factor in determining daily rideability in these cold weather states, there’s another factor that comes into play here.  Colorado, Utah and Minnesota are ranked in the top 10 Bike Friendly States as determined by the League of American Bicyclists.  And, here’s another interesting twist as a result of equipment.  The expanding sales and use of fat tire bikes has made it easier to ride through the winter months!
As Shawn Farrell, the interim executive director of the Bicycling Racing Association of Colorado, noted in the article, “One of the advantages of Colorado is it’s so dry that even if it snows, within a day the streets are dry.  That makes it easier to train all the time.”  And some may recall that USA Cycling, the governing body, is located right here in Colorado Springs.
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Bent Fork - Volume 8, Issue 3 - June 2015

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