History and Background of the CSCC

Bob Coleman

What we now know as the Colorado Springs Cycling Club was the brainchild of Ed and Carol
Stillman and Jim Cerrato. These people decided that the recreational and family-oriented riders were
not being served by an agency which could organize events for them and represent their wishes in
forums where cycling is discussed, such as the city and county Parks Departments, Planning
Divisions and at meetings with elected representatives. Therefore, an organizational ride was held in
October, 1986. The ride had a Halloween theme and was attended by over forty persons. From this
first ride, other events followed and the club organization was solidified during a meeting held on the
first Tuesday in February, 1987.

The Colorado Springs Cycling Club is a non-profIt organization. The club's goal is to promote the
healthy and safe sport of recreational bicycling for the membership of the club. This membership is
comprised of families and individuals alike and all events shall be for fun and enjoyment, of all. To
this end, many differing events are being planned. Mountain bike, road bike and social events are on
the schedule. We on the Board of Directors hope to provide you with fun and interesting rides plus
some other options for your enjoyment.

The Colorado Springs Cycling Club is comprised of a diverse group of people. We are bound
together by our mutual desire to ride bicycles in a safe and satisfying atmosphere. The members of
the Colorado Springs Cycling Club number in excess of forty persons, and represent almost every
aspect of cycling, ranging from local level racers, tourists, ultra-marathoners, occasional weekend
family group riders and the families of many of the above-listed. Members must be 18 years of age,
however, children are encouraged to join in club rides with a parent or guardian.

In the spirit of safety, all riders are required to wear hard-shell helmets, carry provisions for fixing
flat tires and at least one water bottle to stifle dehydration.

To accomplish the stated admirable objective, we must support the club and one another. Therefore,
please do not hesitate to volunteer to assist the ride captains, individual ride organizers, sag chairman
or event presenters. This is a club fIlled with participants but lets not forget that all of us have an
obligation to assist or no events can be scheduled. Enough of my philosophizing! I say lets do some
n•din g.". .

The issue is online at http://www.bikesprings.org/Newsletters/1987Apr.pdf.

December 2011 Issue - Vol 4 Issue 6, 1 December 2011

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