In the Draft - Redefining Cargo Management

Sara Williams, Letís Go Aero Co-founder

... is extremely lightweight and user-friendly, and performs as a natural extension to any passenger vehicle with a hitch.

When they say that “necessity is the mother of invention”, it couldn’t be more accurate than with such innovations by Let’s Go Aero. A locally owned and operated manufacturer and distributor of its own intellectual property, Let’s Go Aero has pioneered new approaches and solutions to cargo space limitations of the compact car on up to the RV for almost fifteen years.

In fact, thanks to being avid cyclists, bicycles have always been a priority in the company’s design inceptions. Let’s Go Aero has a wide and deep line of enclosed trailers and hitch mounted cargo carriers, cargo baskets and bike racks, utility trailers and small campers. Over 90% of the company’s offerings include bicycle transport capability.

During the month of August, we had the pleasure of attending several cycling events, the USA Pro Cycling Challenge Criterium and the Pikes Peak Ascent. It was delightful to connect with attendees and observe the excitement that freshness and recognition of personal applicability brings. It marks the beginning of focused outreach to our local community. After over a decade of product development and national outreach efforts, there’s no place like home.

As we all look for ways to conserve on fuel, and as inflationary pressures from many directions affect discretionary incomes, providing enduring value is an imperative in any product offering. In our tool kit, value is about making every dollar do more and go further through multi-function, quality, efficiency, and simplicity.

Yet again, our most popular product shown at these events was the GearWagon 125 Cargo and Camper Trailer. Not only can you haul all kinds of gear including six bicycles year-round, the trailer easily sets up for sleeping at any point along the way. The hard shell enclosure makes a comfortable three-to-four season camper. With our favorite SportCat heater by Coleman, Colorado camping throughout the fall is toasty. So let your adventures roll on!

We welcome you to learn more about our product lines and solutions to your gear transport needs by visiting our website at . Let’s Go Aero is located at 3380 N. El Paso Street in Colorado Springs. We can be reached at 719-630-3800 and are open weekdays for product viewing and to hitch up and go.

25th Anniversary Issue - Vol 4 Issue 5, 1 October 2011

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