First Annual Oktoberfest Ride - 24 SEP 2011

Kerry Hefta

This ride was essentially a regular Saturday Fitness ride with a Castle Rock destination. There were two distance options; 42 miles starting in Palmer Lake and 68 miles starting at Mary Kyer Park (across from the AFA). We had over 20 people start from the Palmer Lake location and 8 people (5 who went all the way to Castle Rock) start at the Mary Kyer Park. The faster riders were encouraged to participate in the longer ride, so that they could pass the slower riders on way to Castle Rock--which did happen! Very cool. The two locations provided a chance for all types of riders from the casual to the dedicated participate together and end up in the same place and socialize a bit before returning.

I got the germ of this idea, when we went to Crowfoot Coffee in Castle Rock for refreshments after the "Elephant."  One of their excellent beers went down really well after a hot day in the saddle. That combined with the idea of doing a ride to Castle Rock with the club to provide a slightly different venue for the fitness ride. Voila the CSCC Oktoberfest Ride!

Thanks to Mark Hefta & David Crawford for providing SAG vehicles, to Liz Ford for helping out at Crowfoot, and finally to Jason Gray the owner of Crowfoot Coffee who saw his shop overrun with a ‘biker’ gang in the middle of the day.


25th Anniversary Issue - Vol 4 Issue 5, 1 October 2011

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