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Photo by Dale Campbell

A very special THANK-You goes to the Hostaks who hosted the bike, BBQ and movie night. What a fun night. Great food, gorgeous setting, fun biking and THEN there was Rich's BIG SCREEN to view some vintage cartoons and "AMERICAN FLYER". Better than any drive-in movie I've gone to! 

There is still a lot on the social agenda for the club this summer and Fall. Get our your planners and calendars.

• Our August club meeting will be at the VELODROME on Tuesday, Aug. 2. Plan to be there at 6 PM for some burnt bovine and tube steaks, plus the fixins'. The club will provide the picnic ware, beverages, and some simple side dishes. Our meeting will be pretty informal, but there's more! Some of our members will be racing, yes RACING on that circular track and we want a gallery to cheer them on. I would love to try track racing, but I don't think my training wheels are allowed! Check the website and your e-mail for last minute details.

Looking further into the year, there are so many bicycle related events that my head is swimming. I'll highlight the club's rides and socials.

• Balloon Classic(Labor Day) we usually have a breakfast ride and/or visit the balloon glow in the evenings(weather permitting).
• Sept. 17, we are having a ride up in Denver(more info to follow),
• October 23(Sunday) is our Progressive Dinner Ride or our movable feast on wheels.
• Nov. 20th is the Tour de Turkey, and
• Dec. 10(Sat.) is our 25th Anniversary dinner at the AFA's Academy(Officers) Club. You can't miss that. We'll have a huge dinner and dance floor area, many special guests, music and other surprises. WE are looking for former bike club members to invite. The prices and registration for this special dinner will be pretty much the same as last year with the tiered pricing and timeline deadlines. I'm excited to bring our holiday dinner to the AFA as it will be much roomier with quality food and service.

All this talk of food, I think I'll look for a healthy snack to I can go riding! Have fun, stay safe, wear your helmet. See you at the Velodrome!

Socially Yours, Chris

BFC April 2011 Issue - Vol 4 Issue 4, 1 August 2011

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