President's Message

Charlie Czarniecki

Barb and I also took road trips to Tucson AZ and Minong WI this year. I rode my bike in each place. It has been good to see so many bicycles on vehicle racks as we traveled the highways. It has been a pretty equal number of trail and road bikes being taken along on these trip. There were lots of riders in Tucson but even the locals in WI were disappointed in the few bikes that they ride up there. I’ve also seen a healthy increase in the number of bikes in the Colorado Springs streets this year, too.

The US Pro Cycling Challenge bike race is in Colorado on Aug 22-28. Carmichael Training arranged for the Tour to start with a time trail out of the Garden of the Gods right here in Colorado Springs on Monday 22 Aug. We are planning to have a “destination ride” to meet somewhere along the time trial course that day. Watch the Club website and emails for details.

The Club will have officer elections in November. All the offices will open to candidates. Unlike political elections, the whole leadership group doesn’t need to change. We just need a few people to come to the head of the Club Pace Line and pull us for a little while. Give some thought to what you could do for the Club.

Charlie Czar :-)


BFC April 2011 Issue - Vol 4 Issue 4, 1 August 2011

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