Amazing Biking Trails in COS

Terre Topp

Russell's feedback is below:

For its proximity to a mid-sized or large city, we're thinking that Colorado Springs may have the best single track trails system in the country. Do you know of any other that compares?

Colorado Springs definitely has some amazing riding. I currently live in Boulder and the trail system up here is a nightmare. There are so many user conflicts that occur and that is something we don’t have that makes Colorado Springs special. Everyone is really friendly and the trails are awesome. We have a little bit of everything which is something most cities don’t have. Palmer Park is technical, the Falcon Trail is fast and buffed out and Cheyenne Canon adds both long climbs and long down-hills. I honestly don’t think anywhere else compares.

Where are your favorite places to ride in Colorado Springs?

This really depends on what type of training I have for the day, but a majority of the time I find myself in Cheyenne Canon. The long climbs are perfect for intervals and the down-hills are a sweet dessert at the end of a workout. In the winter, Palmer Park is one of my favorites as it seems like it doesn’t get much snow and it’s good to work on those technical skills in the winter.

BFC April 2011 Issue - Vol 4 Issue 3, 1 June 2011

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