Century ends...Tour de Spas Begin

Richard & Pam Oliver

This scenic and serene spa has both communal and private hot tubs with water heated from 104 to 106 degrees, plus cold plunges, saunas, and a wide variety of massage treatments. After our 50 miler, we opted for the heavenly shoulder, neck and head massage treatment with warm camellia oil. This clothing-optional (after 8:15 pm bathing suits are required) spa is available for day use, as well as having an array of overnight accommodations. We opted for the "House of the Rising Moon" which was quite exquisite. (See more info and photos at: www.tenthousandwaves.com )

The next day, after a short pit-stop at the nearby Estrella del Norte Vineyard tasting room, we drove an hour north on Hwy 285 to the historic Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs Resort and Spa. OC is the only natural hot springs in the world with a remarkable combination of four different types of "healing" mineral water: lithium, iron, soda and arsenic. Their ten different pools are filled with different combinations of mineral water, and with temps ranging from 80 to 109 degrees. They also have private pools to rent for bathing "au natural."

We stayed in a cliffside suite with a kiva fireplace and private outdoor hot tub, and once again enjoyed a most rejuvenating and serene environment of pool hopping and wine sipping. The on-site Artesian restaurant provided superb meals at a reasonable price. Their southwest style adobe architecture with wood-beamed ceilings is part of an almost total renovation to the celebrated resort. Besides massages and soak-n-stretch yoga, the 1,100 acre property has hiking and mountain biking trails. We found that combining a great bike excursion with a Tour de Spas makes for a profoundly rewarding experience! (OC is 4 hours away via I-25 to Walsenburg, then 160 west to Alamosa, and south on 285. See more info and photos at: www.ojospa.com )

BFC April 2011 Issue - Vol 4 Issue 3, 1 June 2011

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