Lee’s Mystery Ride

Lee Murphy

Think of this as a movie preview and an opportunity to learn more about what our wonderful city has to offer. The route will be similar in length to a Sunday Social Ride except it will be punctuated with about five stops where we will dismount for about five to fifteen minutes to hear from local experts on what transpired on this spot to make it famous or interesting. There will also be an opportunity to ask a few questions.

Additionally, there will also be five to seven, three-five minute stops where we will learn about a particular building, statue, home, park, etc., without even dismounting from our bikes. You can also expect some pleasant surprises along the way. It is unlikely that we will go inside many of the points of interest due to time constraints and other logistical issues. A few side notes: The ride will include posting and a motorized sweep. No one will be left behind. If you get a flat, the sweep will pick both you and your bike up and attempt to repair it while you and the group are hearing about the next point of interest. You should be able to handle speeds of 10-12 mph on level ground. Due to the nature of this tour, you should allow for a longer ride which is expected to conclude approximately 4:00 PM.

The tour will begin and end at the America the Beautiful Park and a RSVP will be necessary. Look for more details as we get closer to the event. For questions, contact: Lee Murphy @ 579-0073 or email leemurphy3@msn.com  .

BFC April 2011 Issue - Vol 4 Issue 3, 1 June 2011

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