President's Message

Photo courtesy of Sharon Boyd

I decided to head back and make it a metric century (I’ve never kept track of them). I’ve been training for my June 18 & 19 National Senior Olympics bike road races, and was pleased that my legs were so fresh as I was getting back to BV.

The Club reserved the FAM CAMP area #2 for our annual picnic at the Air Force Academy. It is scheduled for Sunday, July 10th. You may have heard, all government bases raised their defense posture a few weeks ago. We can still use the site, but we’ll need info from everyone who plans to attend. We’ll put out a RSVP invitation that includes the required info that the AFA needs. Please provide the Club the info, so we can have it in position at the South Gate for you on Sunday, July 10 th. When we meet all their requirements you will be able to get in with a photo ID. The AFA location is super for picnic area activities, and of course the roads at the AFA can’t be beat for bike riding. At the same time the Club planned a back-up location in case it is needed. If there is a need for the base to go to the next level of defense then we’ll be locked out as a Club, but will still have a place to ride and eat.

The Club will have officer elections in November, 2011. All the offices will open to candidates. Unlike political elections, the whole leadership group doesn’t need to change. We just need a few people to come to the head of the Club Pace Line and pull us for a little while. Give some thought to what you could do for the Club. Charlie Czar

BFC April 2011 Issue - Vol 4 Issue 3, 1 June 2011

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