3 + 2 = An Interesting Combination!

Dale Campbell: Co-Editor

Several months ago, while walking back to my parked vehicle, I saw this Honda Goldwing.  While I’m interested in motorcycles and will stop to take a look at the details of one that is parked in one location or another, the yellow color and the sidecar really got my attention on this one.   When I really stopped and took a closer look, I also noticed something else.  If you’ll take a look at the enlarged photo below, you’ll notice that a bicycle rack is also mounted to the back of this sidecar rig.  And, the trunk lid on the sidecar sports an IMBA bumper sticker (International Mountain Bicycling Association).

So, does the title of the article now make sense?  Three wheels for the motorcycle (plus sidecar) and the capability to carry two more cycling wheels (probably a mountain bike) would certainly make for a fun outing, regardless of where you went!
Volume 7, Issue 6 - December 2014

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