President's Comments

Charlie Czar

Sad notes:
The passing of Sally Sheets and Dave Horne. 
The Carter Family move to Alabama.

Looking forward, we’ll see BVBF ride the roads again on June 6th 2015.

The Club finishes the year with over 420 members – we the people who like to ride, be social, eat, and sometimes party.

Although the National Bike Challenge (NBC) officially ended on Sept 30th NBC still keeps the site up and updates data for each month through the end of the year.  This doesn’t change the end of the competition Challenge data files (we still finished 12th nationally of 1266 teams).  But it does track the monthly team and individual data.  15 of the top 20 teams were still in the top 20 for Oct.  For most of the Oct CSCC was the #7 team.  We had 51 of our 115 team members continue to track miles.  With the general lower participation the team totals are much lower and also more volatile.  The end of Oct found CSCC 4th of the 819 teams still contributing.  The same was true in Nov, with even fewer teams contributing.  We finished 5th of 599 teams in Nov with 36 CSCC team members still logging miles.  They’ll still be going in Dec.  So if you are still riding then I encourage you to go ahead and log your miles just to keep the national players aware of the Club.

Keep riding as long as the weather allows, have fun, stay safe, and log often.

Charlie Czar
Volume 7, Issue 6 - December 2014

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