The CSCC Avatar – Don’t Let This One “Slip” By You

Dale Campbell - Bent Fork Editor

This is a non-scientific survey conducted at the first club meeting of the year. Each attendee receives a slip of paper, and proceeds to write down their answer to a series of questions asked by the Club President. Questions include such inquiries as “How many flat tires did you have in 2009?” and “What is your favorite color?” OK – now that we all understand the source of the data, let’s start building TR.

TR would have been a member of CSCC for 7 years, and would have last purchased a new bike in 2006. In 2010, TR would have experienced 4.4 flats while riding with the Club (up from the 3.3 average for 2009 – more miles or longer distances in 2010?). Like 82% of CSCC members, TR would have a backpack hydration system. However, TR would also have at least or more than five cycling water bottles at home, as do 97% of those polled. That brings to mind the following question - Just how many water bottles would be considered “enough”?

Thinking of the image for our avatar, TR would probably be wearing a blue bike jersey (35% of the slip method responders choose blue as their favorite color). However, on that jersey, there would also be green (15%) and an equal distribution of some red and purple (12.5% each), along with a splash of other colors, such as burgundy, plum, pink, yellow and orange (2% each). The size of the jersey would be either L-XL for a men’s jersey, and M for a woman’s style.

Once TR has the jersey on, at just what temperature would TR begin riding for the year? Well, if it’s colder than 27 degrees, TR prefers to stay inside. Since TR is inside some of the time, would TR be looking at the Club’s website ( While TR would probably visit at least several websites a day, overall, an average of 12 days goes by before TR once again logs into the Club online resource.

Once it warms up outside, TR would begin preparing for that next ride by putting air in the bike’s tires. As does 97% of the Club, TR would be using the floor pump at home to make sure the tires were at the proper pressure. Once dressed in the Blue/green/red and purple jersey (with a splash of pink, yellow, orange…), TR would have to decide which to wear of the 1.7 helmets TR owns. But, enough of the numbers. Once out on the bike, TR would probably forget about all these statistics and just enjoy the ride … riding an average of 378 miles for per year over the last five years. (Oops, how did those numbers “slip” in there?).

Just ride, TR, just get out and enjoy the ride!!!

BFC April 2011 Issue - Vol 4 Issue 2, 1 April 2011

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