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Sharon Boyd & Dale Campbell

high-caliber cyclists for a 4-month research study on bone health.The requirements include bone mineral density, body composition, and vertical jump assessment at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. Criteria:

  - Between 18-50 yrs of age
  - Male or female
  - Interested in optimizing your bone health
  - Interested in learning about nutrition

Click here (link to training peaks) for more information

SPRING INTO ACTION…Tune up your bike!

Community Bike-Sharing headed to Manitou Springs. In April, a bike shop owner & volunteers plan to put out 25 “community bikes” around Manitou. These are old bikes that will be restored and stripped down to one gear. The plan; put out 50 more by the end of summer, and continue as long as people donate their old bikes and parts. Manitou Bikes is accepting bikes, tires and other parts at 514 El Paso Blvd., Manitou Springs for this community bike program. We also need volunteers to help assemble these community bikes. For more info:

Harry & Rhoda Harris Update: Harry and Rhoda celebrated their 40th Wedding Anniversary. Harry is on a CPAP for 40 minutes twice a day--he is breathing on his own, but has to tell his body & brain to breathe. His goal is to get off the ventilator, so he can eat real food! Craig’s admission representative says they will be sending an individual to evaluate Harry in the near future. We pray Harry will soon be a Craig candidate for “heavy duty” therapy and training. Rhoda is working on the stylus (for Harry’s Ebook). She needs to figure out a holder to fit on his shoulder, so he does not have to hold the stylus in his mouth continually. Harry is currently listening to a long book on CD (14 CDs), too. Continue to pray that God's will be done and He continues to heal JW's body. Hugs to all, God Bless! Rhoda

Spring is in the air... and April is bringing a variety of rides and fun things to do. Please check the CSCC calendar, and click on the rides for more details. NEW for some of these events - you'll see a "Register for this event" button at the bottom of each ride description. This is a new feature that we hope will assist the hosts in preparing for the riders, and make your planning easier. Click on this button, fill out a simple registration and then you'll see a set of choices.   Janine – Ride Committee

"Name Change Mystery Solved"
By: David Philipps, FEB 7, 2011, OutThere.Com

I recently noticed that Zipline Trail, a great connector between Bear Creek and Section 16, had been renamed Stephanie's Trail. Curious, I emailed Medicine Wheel, which built the trail, to figure out the change. Their public outreach guy Jim said: "While cutting the trail in, we came across a small, hand-made ceramic marker that someone had left, memorializing a cat named Stephanie. See the attached photos. Since we're kind of goofy mountain bikers, we decided it was a great name for the trail.
The marker was originally one piece of clay that had been rolled out but had delaminated, so that the front and back had separated. We have no idea how long that had been out there or who left it, but we did not find Stephanie."

BFC April 2011 Issue - Vol 4 Issue 2, 1 April 2011

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