Safe Cycling Its a Universal Theme!

Dale Campbell - Bent Fork Editor

As of 1 January 2011. the University of New South Wales began conducting a year long study that aims to plug the gap in cycling statics of near misses, collisions and falls. With current statistics collected by New South Wales state and Australian federal authorities focused on serious injuries and deaths, no one knows exactly how much blood is spilt every day. The Safer Cycling Study, which will track 2000 cyclists over a one-year period, hopes to shine a light on areas in Sydney where riders experience near misses, collisions and falls. Lead researcher Dr Roslyn Poulos from the University of New South Wales expects the new data will help to reduce road hazards and improve infrastructure planning for cyclists. She indicates that “If you can understand the circumstances that cause a near miss, you can understand the circumstances that cause a serious collision or fall.” For more details about this study, refer to the 25 November article in the Sydney Morning Herald (

And Sydney cyclists are also trying to improve their image with the drivers in Sydney. A group of cyclists have organized the “Rally for Safe Cycling”, an event scheduled for 12 March from 8am to Noon AEDT. Adam Butler, the organizer of the ride, describes the purpose of the ride in the rally invite (, where he states “In response to the perpetually negative portrayal of cyclists in Sydney there is going to be a ‘Rally for Safe Cycling’ held. If you have an interest in being safe on our roads then you are invited to attend. I urge ALL cyclists irrespective of type, age, sex to come along and support each other in a mass ride.” Check back in the April edition and I’ll provide an update on the results of the ride.

What do the Sydney cyclists think of riding in the city? Take a look at the results of a poll conducted in November 2011.
Poll: Would you cycle on Sydney's roads?
    • Yes, the dangers are exaggerated - 5%
    • Yes, it's safe enough - 10%
    • Yes, but I'm worried about my safety - 45%
    • Yes, I will when there is a proper cycle network - 12%
    • No, I'm worried about my safety - 9%
    • No, it's too dangerous - 19%

    Total votes: 3147.
    Poll closed 1 Dec, 2010
How would you evaluate these results when thinking of the general rideability of Colorado Springs?

Photo courtesy of vanmoof urban bicycles

Bent Fork Chronicles - Vol 4 Issue 1, 1 February 2011

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