Advocacy: Bicycle Colorado Bicycle Summit

Al Brody - Advocacy Dude!

My first summit was seven years ago. The experience opened my eyes to the magnitude and complexity bicycles have on our communities, society and our economy. I believe the National Bike Summit was instrumental in the passing SAFETEA-LU, the Federal Transportation Equity Act -- which included bicycling as a viable form of transportation to be supported by transportation funding.

You will add value as we communicate bicycling’s importance to our elected officials at the state level. And you will benefit from the vision of the future of bicycling in our state, including its positive impact on Colorado’s economy (> $1 billion annually), health & obesity rates, traffic congestion, environmental pollutants and safety.

Keynote speakers:
John Burke, President, Trek
Tim Blumenthal, Ex. Dir., Bikes Belong
Randy Neufeld, Advocacy Fund Dir., SRAM

Breakout sessions will address: Complete Streets (bicycle facilities on all road projects), Safe Routes to School programming in Colorado schools, and Mountain Biking protections, access and expansion.
We will also be meeting with state legislators at the state Capitol Tues. morning.

I hope you will be able to attend. If you are interested, please register soon!

Al Brody, Advocacy Dude

Bent Fork Chronicles - Vol 4 Issue 1, 1 February 2011

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