Northern Italy Bike Tour 2010

Connie Miller & Ed Bidinotto

The route included the classic passes of Gardena, Sella, Campolongo, Pordoi and Giau. We had the opportunity to choose from three courses:
• Short: 34 miles/5,785 feet of climbing
• Medium: 66 miles/10,042 feet of climbing
• Long: 86 miles/13,614 feet of climbing

Connie and I actually rode from our hotel and put in about 7000 ft of climbing in less than 50 miles which was quite adequate. While the rest of the group of 18 riders went on for another 3 days, Connie and I decided to take our bikes and luggage on a train down to Verona to see the touristy Romeo and Juliet square and balcony. Spending one day in Verona was quite adequate and we finished our visit with two days of relaxing in Venice. We took a gondola ride and put a lot of miles on our feet after having ridden several hundred miles with substantial elevation.

If anyone is interested in seeing more photos of the trip or has an interest in cycling this part of Italy, please contact us so we can share our memories with you.

Thank you, Ed Bidinotto & Connie Miller

Bent Fork Chronicles - Vol 4 Issue 1, 1 February 2011

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