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Sara Hill

John Cunningham, Michael Wallace, Jim McCreary, Kam Fletcher & Family, Lee Murphy, Randy Susman, Betty Schwartz, Dale Campbell & Sharon Boyd, Bud Reynolds, Henry Pinard, Bob & Anne Smith, Kerry Hefta, Charlie & Barb Czarniecki, Dean & Becky Myers, Bill Bibler & Family, Bert Boyce & Family, Stan Lebahn & Family, Jamey Robbins, Dan Sadowski, Charles Sheehan, Stephen Fuhrmann, David Reed & Family, Ryan Morey, Andy Garrobo, David Waddell, William Allen & Family, Chris & Laura Keller, John Pamperin, Aaron Rosenthal & Janet Oliver, Dan & Sherry Maples.

(1) Family memberships are eligible for two adult online logins. With each login, members can comment on the message boards or respond to surveys independently. If you wish to have a second adult login, please contact Membership at Provide the following information: Name on membership account, secondary member's name and email along with a preferred username. If you have a preference for billing identity, indicate this as well.

(2) Has your personal information changed? Don't forget you can update your mailing address, phone numbers and email at anytime by logging into the membership area and clicking the "Change Contact/Profile Information" link under Member Information. You can even change your username.

If you have other questions regarding membership, please contact Sara Hill, Membership Coordinator at

Online Payments are here!
As of January 14, 2011, online payments via Paypal went live on the CSCC website. After many months of waiting, new memberships and renewals can be now be paid online. If you have a Paypal account, you can use that to pay your dues, but you may also pay directly with your credit card. Watch carefully for your next dues renewal notice which will include a link direct to the payment screen (alternately, you can access it via your web account). As of this week, we have had 2 new members sign up using Paypal and one renewal. Just ask Sean Mullally how easy it was!

While we are glad to provide this additional service to CSCC members, there is a small cost. Paypal charges a $0.30 flat fee plus 2.9% for each transaction. This results in $0.82-0.94 deduction from each dues payment. The CSCC Board of Directors agreed we will absorb these fees in order to provide additional convenience to our members. Please let us know what you think about the new system. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Sara Hill, Treasurer and Membership Coordinator at

Sarah Hill, Treasurer/Membership

Bent Fork Chronicles - Vol 4 Issue 1, 1 February 2011

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