Mountain Biking with a Backpacking Twist

Dale Campbell, Co-Editor

The Mountain Monk is basically a sports device which can easily be carried uphill, and which mutates into a fun-filled downhill device par excellence for the descent.  Or stated another way, it’s a foldable type of bicycle that is carried uphill via an intergraded backpack system.  Here’s the way it’s described in the product pamphlet:
  • UPHILL - You carry the Bergmönch in a compact and comfortable way on your back.There is room for equipment and supplies (waterproof, always accessible) and its set up with a VAUDE Backpack carry system
  • AT THE SUMMIT - the Bergmönch reveals his true prophecy. Within only 2 minutes it changes into a downhill machine fully equipped with suspension, foldable suspension fork and telescopic frame.
  • DOWNHILL - the tedious hiking descent is replaced by an adventurous downhill ride; even rough surfaces.  In smooth sections, you can roll softly downhill in a kneeling position and start another ascent after a short and fast ride. The Bergmönch makes it possible with chassis fully equipped with suspension (suspension fork, damped rear) and a hydraulically operated disc brake.

Using the Bergmönch actually enables covering more territory in a given time.  First, the descents are quicker than by walking down.  And more trails can be covered, as some trails only allow hikers, at which point, the Mountain Monk is folded and worn like a backpack.  For other trails that accommodate mountain bikes, the Mountain Monk would come alive for a downhill cruise.
Interested in learning more?  Open up the Bergmönch website and look through the information and photos that they have posted on the website.
Bent Fork - Volume 7, Issue 4 - August 2014

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