Completing the Journey – An Epic Trip across the United States

Vicki Lieber

The memories from this journey will last a life time.  The beauty of this immense country is overwhelming and at the same time, awe inspiring.  To experience the United States at the speed of a bicycle is to immerse yourself in the moment and your location.  At less than 10 miles per hour you have time to stop and help turtles across the road.  You can photograph and smell flowers.  You can feel the heat of the day on your brow, the sweat drip down your back and feel the rain fall on your skin.  You wave to people along the way and look them in the eye, and strike up a conversation.  I will fondly remember people being enthralled with Quadzilla, giving kids rides, and answering all sorts of questions about our journey.
We are incredibly grateful to have our dear friend Chris Davenport, who pedaled every pedal stroke with us from Breckenridge, Colorado to the Pacific Ocean, as a vital member of Team Lieber.  She has seen our family at its best and its worst, injected fresh conversation, perspective and humor when we needed it most, and inspired us to find and celebrate the good that happens each day.
Bent Fork - Volume 7, Issue 4 - August 2014

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