Earbuds - Important Message

Janine Hegeman

Here is the section that cites the illegality of earphones:

42-4-1411. Use of earphones while driving.



(1) (a) No person shall operate a motor vehicle while wearing earphones.


(b) For purposes of this subsection (1), "earphones" includes any headset, radio, tape player, or other similar device which provides the listener with radio programs, music, or other recorded information through a device attached to the head and which covers all of or a portion of the ears. "Earphones" does not include speakers or other listening devices which are built into protective headgear.


(2) Any person who violates this section commits a class B traffic infraction.

However, as with many ordinances, this is rarely, if ever, enforced.

The CSCC Board has heard some complaints from ride leaders that riders wearing them tend to be inattentive to their surroundings, putting themselves and other riders in jeopardy at times during rides. In an effort to remain compliant with the laws regarding this issue, and keep our members safe, the Board is instituting a ban on earbuds during CSCC rides. Numerous other cycling clubs across the country already have or are adopting similar rules. While we all want everyone to enjoy bike riding as much as possible, we also want to ensure the safety of our membership.

Please be aware that we only ask that you leave your earbuds and other devices for the conveyance of sound at home during CSCC rides. As the largest and oldest cycling club in Southern Colorado, we all have a responsibility to promote safe, smart riding to the public and with each other.

Thanks so much!

Janine Hegeman
Ride Committee Chair
Colorado Springs Cycling Club


Bent Fork June 2010 - Vol 3 Issue 5 October 2010

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