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Charlie Czar

• Velodrome Day on SEP 26th
Seven CSCC members were among 15 people who took advantage of a
Velodrome ride opportunity on Sep 26th. The opportunity was announced at the CSCC SEP meeting and by EMAIL. We had access to the Velodrome, pursuit racing bikes(no road or trail bikes are not allowed on the track), and coaches for 4 hours.

The pursuit bikes are 1-speed direct drive (no coasting), no brakes,
lower handle bar, very light weight, narrow tire bikes. The velodrome
is banked at 13 degrees in the straight and 33 degrees in the corners.
There are 4 riding zones (lanes) on the track and 1 in the staging area.
We used a "walk before run" approach for the day. We started with basic
riding in the infield area, then rode on the track, followed by riding
through the "Flying 200 meters" time trial process, then we practiced
2-person pace line (rotating the leader in the corners), followed by
4-person pace line (rotating the leader), then everyone in one pace line
(rotating). We did lots of "hotlaps" in between each exercise.

The track and bike were a little intimidating as we started. I personally felt
comfortable after my 3rd lap on the track. The biggest adjustment to me
was accepting the fact that the bike tires were not going to slip down
the track in the corners at low speed. We didn't have speedometers on
the bikes, but several of us had heart monitors to judge our efforts.
The experience was a blast without trying any racing distances. The Sunday Social
Ride stopped by the velodrome at 1:30 to watch, providing witnesses to the
event. The $40 charge for each participant covered the rent on the
track, the bikes, the coaches' time, the 1-day racing license (required for
track access), and a pizza party afterwards. We plan to do this again next summer with more lead time, so more people can enjoy the experience.

Photo credit: Allen Beauchamp

Bent Fork Chronicles - Vol 3 Issue 5 October 2010

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