Regional Non-motorized Transportation Plan

Allen Beauchamp, Community Outreach

The Colorado Springs Cycling Club is well represented at the table and will be a strong voice as the process moves forward. Additionally, there will be public comment opportunities at Open House events and we will get the information broadcast out ahead of time for those so that our membership may attend and provide feedback and their input on how each person would like to see our non-motorized infrastructure built.


For more information on the Regional Non-Motorized Transportation Plan, please visit PPACG’s website:


Additionally, PPACG has created a dedicated web page for the non-motorized planning work being done called Walk--Bike--Connect. There you will find all of the details about the process, important updates on milestones, meetings and other relevant data and most importantly, there is an Open Source Map available that allows users to see the data collected to this point.


Walk--Bike--Connect web page:


Allen Beauchamp, CSCC Community Outreach

Bent Fork - Volume 7, Issue 1 - 2 February 2014

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