Starlight Spectacular 2010

Sara Hill

A steady stream of riders kept the volunteers busy from about 12:45-2:00 or so, crowding in more with the rain and less when it was lighter. In additional to the pavilion, we set up canopies to provide additional shelter, from which guests could watch “Some Like it Hot.” One canopy housed a chair massage station provided by a local chiropractor while CS West provided mechanical services on one side of the pavilion.

Highlights of the evening included watching the Pac-Man crew from CS West Bikes head out to the ride start, greeting all the CSCC members that rode in support of TOSC, and getting coupons from the Chick-Fil-A cow. On their way following the ride route, the Pac-Man team even stopped by for refreshments before finishing their ride.

Thanks go out to all the volunteers that helped with setup, serving and tear down, including: Rich Hostak, Chris Davenport, BJ Ondo, Bill Gast and Nancy, Catherine (Dave Horne’s granddaughter), Allen Beauchamp, Cece Beauchamp, Anne and Bob Smith, and Warren Barta. Many other CSCC members supported the ride by helping with packet pick-up (Dale Campbell & Sharon Boyd), SAG support (Sean Mullally), moral support (Allen Beauchamp), photography (Vern & Neddie Pitcher and Dave Horne) – thank you also for your help making the Starlight Spectacular a success once again!


Bent Fork June 2010 - Vol 3 Issue 4 August 2010

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