President's Message

Charlie Czarniecki

I met some of my bike goals for the year, but I am way behind in the number of miles that I hoped to ride. My work at Peterson AFB is drawing down so I may end up getting some more riding time – which isn’t a bad thing. We had a few riders get some road rash this summer. The first reports sound bad, but they are mending well. Harry Harris had his stroke as he slept in his tent during his cross-country ride. He is back in the Colorado Springs area but has a long road to go before he can join us back in the club, or even have visitors at his point. We’ll keep updates in the Bent Fork and Web Page. We all need to keep Harry and his wife Rhoda in our thoughts and prayers and help out wherever we can.

Charlie Czar

Bent Fork June 2010 - Vol 3 Issue 4 August 2010

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