Sailing with Tim & Susan

Susan Tiefenbach

Each bike weighs about 25 pounds. They have 7-speed rear derailleurs.  To get them off and on the boat is tricky and tedious but well worth it.
Steps to store our bicycles:
1) Put each bike in a separate bag
2) Put both bags with bikes in the dingy; maneuvering bikes can be difficult if there are waves
4) Put bikes into the boat/cockpit
5) Lower bikes into the cabin; store bikes in the 2nd cabin

While at anchor, we need to use our 9 foot inflatable boat, called a "dinghy", to get the bikes to shore. One by one, the bikes, each in its own bike bag, are lifted from the cabin and up into the cockpit.  While the dinghy is tied to the side of the boat, we carefully drop the bikes into the tiny boat. One false move and in the water they would go! 

We motor to shore or to a dock, tie up the dinghy and lift the bikes out of the dinghy onto shore.  We remove both bikes from their bags & store the bags in the dinghy.  It takes only about 2 minutes to unfold the bikes and we're ready to go!


Our most exciting bike ride this summer was while we were in New York City.  We started at 79th Street and rode south on the friendly but busy bike path along the Hudson River. The bike paths have street lights just for cyclists; viewing a red bike means stop and a green bike means to proceed.  We were able to visit many sites in a day with our speedy bikes, however, it was quite a challenge & scary at times.  The craziest places to bike were going across the Brooklyn bridge & also on the Avenue of the Americas that crosses Manhattan right in the heart of the city.  It was rush hour of course....we constantly had to dodge cars, buses, pedestrians, other bikes, baby carriages, cabbies, etc.....Wow, it's amazing we made it through without even a scratch ! 

On our way back to our boat, we decided to bike through Central Park which was absolutely a wonderful end to our crazy day.

We are looking forward to more biking along the coast to Florida and in the Bahamas this winter. 

Susan & Tim Tiefenbach

If you'd like to follow Tim & Susan's adventure, go to their sailblog at
Bent Fork Chronicles - Volume 6, Issue 6, 1 December 2013

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