Moselle River Trail Ride

Carolyn Myers & Dick Woods

We made the reservations late in the season, because we had several family events during the spring and summer. We booked the trip for mid October, knowing that the weather might be dicey - and it was!   It rained a lot, was cool and windy, but we had some nice days as well.  Layering our clothing worked well - some days we had several layers.

The Moselle and the Rhine rivers are as wide and long as our Mississippi.

The Moselle River Valley trail goes through a lot of vineyard countryside - many times we were riding right through the vineyards, while they were harvesting the grapes. Some by hand and some with machinery. (eat all you wanted.) There were huge castles high above the river, and we passed through several towns and villages along the way.  Each afternoon, as we reached the town in which the hotel for the night would be located - finding the hotel was the tricky part.  We got lost a lot of times and had to back track to find our way.  Sometimes the maps were not clear, or they were incorrect, sometimes the street signs would be confusing - but that was part of the challenge - to find our hotel!!  One night especially was challenging, we bicycled into Trier, Germany at going home from work time, very heavy traffic.  It started to rain, and rained heavily.  Even though we stopped and asked directions several times, we just were not getting to the hotel.  Finally after several kilometers we made it, feeling and looking like drowned rats!! Do not rely on locals to know your destination even though it might be a kilometer (or ten) away. In Luxemburg we were pointed back into Germany for a few kilometers detour by locals that had never heard of Perl ( 5 kilometers up the road.)

For the initial part of the bicycle trip, we had three days in Paris where we took in the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, Champs Elysee, Sacre Coeur and other museums. 

The middle part of the was to ride along the Mosel river and  have nights in Metz, Perl, Trier, Ruhr, Piesport, Traben, Cochem  and Koblenz.  We had the option of riding the right or left banks in segments.  So we alternated some, left bank has more hills.

At the end of the trip we had some days in Frankfurt, Germany.  Visited several more museums.  Learned how to find the 'Hauptbahnhof' and WillyBrandt central train/bus/metro stations in my sleep, and also which level underground would have the particular line we were looking for.   Street names in Europe seem to change every two intersections and most are built on triangular curved blocks. 

We traveled along the Main(z) river, and the Rhine river. Enjoyed a wine tasting dinner at a very picturesque castle Inn.  The very finest wines are 'eise wine' made from frozen grapes toward the end of growing seasons (80 Euro per 200 liter bottles.)

It was a fun trip and we learned a lot! - 
   "Je parle tres peu la francais,  parlez-vous anglais?",
   "Je ne parle pas francais", "Ou pourrais-je trouver toillette?"
   "merci beaucoup"

   "Spricht heir jemand Englisch? ,  Wo sind die Toiletten? "
    "spechen ze Englisch?"
Bent Fork Chronicles - Volume 6, Issue 6, 1 December 2013

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